Peace of Mind

Once we receive the request for a quote we aim to visit the property and meet the potential client within 2 days. Once the required info is gathered on site we will provide a detailed quote and image of the garden room in place in your garden. From the design various items can be changed to suit the clients requirements.

Once the price and the design has been agreed with the client and price approved we will aim to be on site within 4-5 weeks. First job is to prepare the foundations be it a concrete slab, mini piles or ground screws.

The installation of the frame will take 2-3 days. the rest of the build time is taken on the internal and external finishes making sure they are competed to the highest level of quality.

The internal finishes are all included in our price but these can be changed to suit the clients bespoke requirements.

Rest assured that once the design is agreed between both parties the build and completion will be carried out in the most professional manner possible. Your garden space will be kept neat and clear of any unnessasary mess during the build. At the end of each shift the build area will be left in a safe and organised manner.

All our garden rooms include the following as standard;

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